The local museum consists of 3 buildings,

The Van Der Walt House – which is situated in Church street opposite the Reformed Church, this house was left to be used as a museum when the owner Mr Dirk Coetzee passed on, the house belongs to the municipality now but is used to house the museum goods as determined in Mr Coetzee’s last will and testament.

It houses some of the clothes from the era of the voortrekkers, wedding dresses, toys, old pump organ, and crockery

Steyn House – this is the original town house of Mr Andries Steyn after whom the town is named, it was bought by the museum committee for a mere R500, it holds a few cameras, farm implements, books and some very beautiful but old bibles

Reformed Church CNO Hall- The museum was given permission to use this hall to house some of the goods that was brought over from the Steyn House and Van Der Walt House, it has some of the school items from Paul Kruger High School, some artefacts that belonged to Paul Kruger his walking stick and tobacco pouch,

It also has some items from the Anglo Boer War, such as hats from the concentration camps, bullets, prehistoric tools, old photos of the key players of the town,

Bulhoek – which is situated approximately 20km out of town, has the original house of Douw Steyn father of Andries Steyn, and this is about 10km from Teebus and Koffiebus.

Fish River Tunnel – this is situated approximately 15km out of town, on your right you will see a turn off to the right keep to left fork and you will come to the tunnel, which can be arranged to view

Harmonie – farm market and hosts of the Trek to Teebus cycling challenge every year.  To get there you also take the Middelburg road about 10km out of town on your left hand side, can’t be missed gigantic bicycle outside

Jubilee Hill – Hill to the north of Steynsburg just behind graveyard and recreational club -  a tough climbing experience for those who like challenges from the top a beautiful view of Steynsburg this hill is approximately 83m high, the British also had their camp at the foot oF this hill during the Anglo Boer War

The Steynsburg Hill – this is the hill to the West of Steynsburg it has STEYNSBURG on it written in white stones, it is just behind the old Paul Kruger College and what is now the DSD offices.  Beautiful views from that bridge and also very challenging for the Novice climber

Gariep Dam – Which is to the North of Steynsburg approximately 62km you can take a walk inside the dam wall, and many little shops to see to your every need

Fossils, bushman paintings and signatures from British soldiers can be viewed via appointment as these are on private farms

The old graveyard – here all the British soldiers and original residents of the town lie at rest, I’m sure they would like a visitor now and again

Reformed Church built in 1872 – this is the first church established in Steynsburg

Dutch Reformed Church – 1875 this is the second church that was established

The Anglican Church – In 1885 the first Priest-in-Charge arrived in Steynburg to minister to the people of the area. The use of a house and store were obtained in 1890 and the latter converted into a Chapel, all of which became lovingly known as the Old Rectory. The present Church was built in 1902 and consecrated by Bishop Cornish in March 1904. In 1989 Holy Cross became a Chapelry of St Barnabas, Middelburg. St Anne, Hanover Present

The Methodist Church