About Steynsburg

Steynsburg is situated in the mid Karoo.  A small scenic town surrounded by hills with a variable climate and in good years with an average rain fall.

It has a good climate for cattle and sheep farming.  During the summer times day time temperatures can soar well above 42 degrees and winter months fall way below freezing, one year -19 was registered and there is a little bit of snow fall which turns the town into a fairy land.  Average rainfall is around 550ml per year.

Towns surrounding Steynsburg are to the North Gariep dam (Hendrik Verwoerd dam) and Venterstad, to the South Hofmeyr, to the North West Colesburg (Northern Cape) and Norvalspont (British Concentration Camp), to the West Middelburg, to the South West Craddock,  to the North East Aliwal North and Burgersdorp, to the East Molteno and to the South East Queenstown.  Steynsburg is on the R56 which is main route towards Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London.

The signature point of Steynsburg is the two kopjes Teebus (tea pot) and Koffiebus (Coffee pot) situated around 15km outside of town on the way to Middelburg.   The Fish River tunnel runs through Teebus.  On route to Middelburg/Hofmeyr around 6km out of town you will find the turn off leading to Bulhoek the official birth place of President Paul Kruger.  Once you take that turn off you will enter onto a gravel road with the beautiful scenery of farms, hills, wild life, streams and even a small valley on the 13km route to Bulhoek, once you get to Bulhoek you will see a thatch roof house from the 1800’s where Pres. Kruger was born. 

If you travel out towards Venterstad around 10km out of town you will see the Vaalbank Pass a beautiful scene there is a small point where you can pull off and take in the breath taking beauty.  If you go out towards Burgersdorp also around 10km out of town you will get the Steynsburg pass which also has a pull off point at which you can stop and take in the breath taking beauty there and it is legend for its story of the Steynsburg Vampire.  On your way to Hofmeyr you will see we boast of our own Table Mountain.

On farms surrounding our town we also have some items of interests like bushman paintings situated on a farm around 20km out of town on the Venterstad road, on route to Burgersdorp there is a farm with a hill and on top of the hill you will find the signature of Baden Powel and on another farm there are fossils, then out towards Teebus is the remains of what used to be the Italian village from when the Fish River Tunnel was being built