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Steynsburg and its facilities
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Marais Steyn Home for the Aged
Steynsburg Accomodation
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Founded in 1872, this little town of some 400 plus households, situated deep in the sheep farming territory of the Eastern Cape’s Karoo and nestled in a ring of mountains and koppies, is being re-discovered by people looking for a different lifestyle. Property prices here mean that this is one of those destinations where you can actually afford that country home you had only dreamt about before.

New faces are arriving from SA’s cities and towns – some are renovating their new homes and others have revitalised existing businesses or started a new one. The Country Club has a nine-hole golf course, a well kept bowling green, clubhouse bar, kitchen and hall are used for a variety of community functions and gatherings. There are active garden and art clubs and the dormant Tennis Club is awaiting revival. There is a range of facilities in town – shops, cafes, an eatery or two, a bank, a post office, a library, a farmers’ co-operative, B & B’s, caravan park, a filling station, a garage, a small hospital and a clinic. Municipal services of electricity, water, sewerage and refuse removal are well managed, as is the telephone system. Pretty much all that you need to support your new relaxed lifestyle.

A broader range of facilities for out-of- the-ordinary requirements is available in one or other of the nearby towns of Burgersdorp, Craddock, Middelburg and Queenstown.

At an altitude of 1460 metres, the pollution-free climate is very healthy – hot summers, cold clear winter days, sufficient rainfall , sometimes even snow, beautiful sunsets and brilliant star-filled night skies. Southern coast resorts such as Port Alfred, Port Elizabeth, Plett and Knysna are a half day’s drive away as is Bloemfontein to the North; with the Wild Coast reachable within a day’s daylight drive. Study a map of the Eastern Cape and you will see just how much more there is for you to visit and explore at your leisure.